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Should we introduce our xcPOOP plans and open up Raresama governance?
YES: 290
NO: 0

As discussed within the community, we will be using $POOP for Raresama governance and utility. Also will be used in the upcoming Pondsama metaverse.

The Raresama.com launch has been a huge success and already it is one of the most utilised applications within Polkadot. Now we decentralised it and let the community control its evolution.

Moonbeam governance has passed. https://moonbeam.polkassembly.network/referendum/53

$POOP is officially being registered as an xc20 token on Polkadot. Something we can innovate with, showcasing the true potential of Polkadot with its cross-chain interoperability that will bring limitless usecases to GameFi.

Our governance token for these platforms needs to be more liquid and obtainable. Our community involvement shouldn't be limited to 300 people, but thousands.

Currently there is 120,000 $aPOOP on Moonriver. 3 more weekly poops to go, bringing the total to 150,000 $aPOOP.

The plan is simple.

51% of the supply to the Current holders.
39% to the DAO-controlled Poop Treasury. Will be used for marketing, liquidity providing, listings and anything else the community desires.

10% to Moonsama Core Team to help support and reward new team members who were unable to be involved with Moonsama Carnage.

Inflation of POOP will be capped at 10% per year, bringing it in line with Polkadot inflation. The inflationary poop will be used within our applications, such as p2e mechanics via Pondsama.

Poop will be redenominated to 1 billion POOP. Each holder of $aPOOP will be rewarded with 3,400 xcPOOP on Moonbeam. After this redenomination, aPOOP will be removed from the Moonsama marketplace and replaced with POOP on Moonbeam.

To ensure adequate availability of the token for governance and utility purposes, we are launching it with 2 DEX partners on Moonbeam (Stellaswap and Beamswap). Overview of the liquidity we need to provide will be shown in the Moonsama mansion.

Poop utility will remain the same as discussed, including additional utility on Raresama and utility within the Pondsama metaverse.

Pondsama changes will be in line with opening up the experience to thousands of players, rather than the fortunate 300+ who currently have a 5 pondsama team.

All pondsamas in our metaverse will be owned by the NFT holders, and receive rewards according to their utilisation. More Pondsama plans will come to surface in the coming weeks.

POOP tokenomics have been kept relatively simple. There is a lot of flexibility under the governance of the DAO and we can continue to move fast and implement things quickly.

The redenomination is planned for tomorrow, Friday 9th September.


You'll get 3,400 POOP on Moonbeam for each aPOOP on Moonriver. This will be integrated into Raresama and governance can launch.