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Confiscate the game pass of Zechelon_?
YES: 76
NO: 2

On the 10.07.2022 carnage session player Zechelon_ was flagged due to using the forge client, he did not provide a recording to defend himself.

The police concludes that the suspect is using a modified client with atleast Player ESP/Tracers which gives him an unfair advantage versus other players.

From the carnage rules, section 7. Custom Clients:
You may use Optifine, Lunar or Badlion as alternatives to the original Minecraft client. ANY OTHER CLIENT IS PROHIBITED. Any features you use in these MUST NOT GIVE YOU AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

From the carnage rules, section 8. Mods:
You may only use features that come with your client. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MODIFY YOUR CLIENT WITH THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE.

Evidence against Zechelon_:

As per request, the officers provided additional information on the evidence they provided:
"Zechelon_ was able to see Epic_Monty's nametag through a wall, this is how normal Minecraft works but in Moonsama Minecraft you are
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unable to see anyone's nametag through a wall.
We believe he had ESP or a toned down version of it. He was suspected of cheating because of his use of the "Forge" client which would allow him to easily add any modifications to it like ESP.
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He also had no video to defend himself with.
(a) In the first clip (exhibitA Zechelon_) we can see Sensei_Bebop Teleporting Epic_Monty Above Zechelon_.
You can see as soon as Epic_Monty is teleported there Zechelon_ looks
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up like he has an ESP mod where a line is drawn to all players. It would be highly unlikely he saw Epic_Monty's nametag that quickly without ESP.
(b) In the second clip (exhibitB Zechelon_) we can Sensei_Bebop Teleporting Epic_Monty into a
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nearby cave.
Epic_Monty was crouched for the first part of this clip and went back into spectator. At the 35 second mark you can see Zechelon_ look right at him and see Epic_Monty through the wall again, this is when Epic_Monty
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talks back and explains how this works to Zechelon_.
The screenshot of him saying he can see names through walls: https://ibb.co/bLZ7zdB
(c) In the last clip (exhibitC Zechelon_) we can see Epic_Monty in the cave near Zechelon_.
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You can see once he gets out of the blast furnace he sees Epic_Monty and packs up all his items and blocks off his base and mines away. Epic_Monty never left crouch here and there would be no way he saw Epic_Monty's nametag even if a bug was in the game.
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This with everything added up is ESP with tracer hacks.
Evidence that the forge client does not intervene with the nametags, here is a video from a player with forge as its POV: https://youtu.be/iHg7VxXNi7A
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