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Confiscate the game pass of ExoCarlos86?
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NO: 0

On the 07.03.2022 carnage session player ExoCarlos86 was flagged due to using the fabric client, his case was also spotted before carnage due to him digging up covered/secret chests on seasonal.

The police concludes that the suspect is using a modified client with X-Ray and or Player ESP which gives him an unfair advantage versus other players.

From the carnage rules, section 7. Custom Clients:
You may use Optifine, Lunar or Badlion as alternatives to the original Minecraft client. ANY OTHER CLIENT IS PROHIBITED. Any features you use in these MUST NOT GIVE YOU AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

From the carnage rules, section 8. Mods:
You may only use features that come with your client. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MODIFY YOUR CLIENT WITH THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE.

Evidence against player ExoCarlos86

From Carnage:
From Season:

Defense from ExoCarlos86 himself: (translation by Jimmo)
"I already knew the player coords as I previously followed him so I knew how to reach him.
Regarding Seasonal, I was looking for bones to make a carrot farm and a creeper exploded.
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In that moment, the explosion radius let me see a base, so I went down and looked for chests in the walls, which is very obvious.
In the case of the cave, when the admin put a chest I went to visit cause I heard a pic/someone mining. So i went to check.
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Ok ok, well bro the truth is I didn't cheat and I would never do it, it's not ethic as the NFT is not mine and the videos have explanation...
The strangest thing one can see is the direct hole to the tunnels of the player, but as I told I knew the coords"