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Minecraft Server Address

❏ mc.moonsama.com
Vote until 21.04.2022 16:00:00
Initiator Donniebigbags
Launch the mid-season server on Friday, use 5 dog tags for mid-season rewards.
YES: 420
NO: 17

Mid Season.

Between Season 1 and Season 2 we plan to introduce a fresh seasonal server, where everyone who had a land plot gets one again. All same size, distribution random apart from things like "McDonnie's".

We plan to launch the mid-season server on Friday. We plan to use 5 "Dog Tags" for the rewards here for the top 5 diamond farmers. You can farm diamonds in the world as usual, or get them from your player shops.

We do not have a planned launch date for Season 2 but will articulate this more clearly as it comes closer. It needs to line up with the launch of EXO.