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Vote until 17.11.2022 16:00:00
Initiator Donniebigbags
Proceed with the official launch of Exosama Network?
YES: 504
NO: 0

Proposal summary:

1. Officially launch Exosama Network and deploy Moonsama blockchain infrastructure.
2. Utilise POOP to generate SAMA tokens 1:1 via bridging mechanisms. Same tokenomics as voted on previously

3. Release the whitepaper and announce officially via our communication channels
4. Use the network this week and designate our upcoming game resources onto the new chain.

5. Begin working with the community to onboard trusted validators to help secure and decentralise the network.

Yes vote signifies to officially launch the network. A "no" outcome will result in us halting the official launch and going back to Moonsama Mansion discussion.

Moonsama continues to grow and thrive with an entire ecosystem of projects encompassing multi-chain blockchain solutions, composable NFT collections, a myriad of Web 3.0 assets, NFT marketplaces and thriving metaverses.

Now the next step of our evolution, our own blockchain to house everything we have built and also what comes next.

The increasing complexity of our family of products combined with the nearing risk of outgrowing the platforms where our technology was being deployed, called for a tailor-made network, rather than relying on third-party blockchains.

We will now, with the consent of the DAO, officially launch Exosama Network. Our standalone EVM-chain and precursor to our fully fledged Polkadot parachain.

Exosama is a fast-moving, experimental network akin to Kusama where Moonsama was born. The core moonsama team will be responsible for the development of the blockchain, with Kyilkhor and other core developers in charge of its technical development.

The building of this blockchain has undergone surgical discussion within the Moonsama mansion (tokengated governance group). Everyone in the community is fully aware of its development.

As discussed, we will use the $SAMA token as the underlying utility/gas token for the network. $SAMA was generated from $POOP, which was generated via Moonsama Carnage/Pondsama.

A full overview of the blockchain itself and parachain plans will be released as a whitepaper today. We remain committed to building and innovating within the Polkadot ecosystem.

$POOP is essentially an amalgamation of the communities efforts over the past year of blockchain gaming, collecting stone/wood/iron/gold and other resources in the metaverse was a lengthy process which ultimately crafted the Pondsama NFTs that produced POOP.

It's concentrated in the hands of the core community and serves as the perfect liquid/fungible on-chain mechanism to further build with.

Exosama Network and its utility token $SAMA is classified as software. There has been NO sale of the token. It was "earned" via blockchain gaming mechanisms in a fair, decentralised and transparent manner.

It's creation went through decentralised on-chain governance voted on by Moonsama NFT holders.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this proposal is intended to be, and it is not, the offer or sale of any digital asset or security. Similarly, nothing in this statement is intended to be, and it is not, legal, investment or tax advice.