Carnage Rules

Please read the rules carefully. You MUST agree to these terms and conditions before you can play.

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"You" means the player that signs these rules. Any assets linked to that player can be subject to penalties resulting from the actions of that player, regardless of whether they actually own these items.


If you break the rules, YOU MAY NOT GET YOUR REWARDS, your assets may be FROZEN, TAKEN OR BURNED, including your game pass, and other consequences may apply.


  1. About the Game
  2. About Rewards
  3. Gganbu
  4. Basic Rules
  5. Special Rules
  6. Glitches & Exploits
  7. Other Restrictions
  8. Custom Clients
  9. Mods
  10. Resourcepacks
  11. Screen Recording
  12. Playing in Parties
  13. Penalties
  14. Registration

About the Game

Duration: 2h

In Carnage, you gather resources and receive them as tokens on the Blockchain after the game. Whatever is in your inventory at the end of the session gets exported. Only specific resources are exportable, refer to the rewards section.

About Rewards

Items to gather:



After the game, some part of everyone's resources is put into a pool. This pool is then redistributed to eligible players to help those who struggled. To be eligible for Gganbu rewards, you must hold eligible assets and play for at least 1h.

Resource Gganbu %
Fish Specimen 0%*
Refined Poop 0%*

*Resources required to acquire fish specimen and refined poop are all taxed. Taxing these as well would result in double taxation.

Hint: Type the command /gganbu in the chat while playing to check if you have enough play time and required assets for gganbu rewards.

Basic Rules

Carnage is a PvP event, so attacking other players is allowed. However, you must still BE RESPECTFUL in chat and play fair. There is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CHEATERS.

Special Rules

In Carnage, some Minecraft game logic is changed:





Glitches & Exploits

Abusing game glitches or exploiting bugs is considered cheating and is PROHIBITED. For reference, these activities are considered glitches or exploits (this is not an exhaustive list):

Accidentally finding a bug or glitch is of course not your fault. When you do, inform the team immediately to avoid attracting suspicion. You must destroy any items you gained from game errors.

Other Restrictions

Custom Clients

You may use Optifine, Lunar or Badlion as alternatives to the original Minecraft client. ANY OTHER CLIENT IS PROHIBITED. Any features you use in these MUST NOT GIVE YOU AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

The 'client' means the application which you use while you play, NOT the game launcher.

Client Allowed
Vanilla yes
OptiFine (standalone) yes
Lunar yes
Badlion yes
Forge no
Fabric no


You may only use features that come with your client. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MODIFY YOUR CLIENT WITH THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE.


You may use resourcepacks to change the way the game looks. However, anything that helps you locate ores or players is PROHIBITED. Use this table as a reference to determine if something is allowed:

Feature Allowed
New art style yes
Ore outlines no
Clear water no

Screen Recording

To find and prevent wrongful behaviour, staff can demand video from ANY PLAYER, and will ALWAYS do it for top performers. It is therefore REQUIRED you record all your sessions, if you want to avoid the risk of LOSING YOUR RESOURCES.

Use a screen capture software like OBS Studio to record your game. You may reduce the quality to help lessen the impact on your framerate. If you're unsure about how to set this up, we suggest this guide. You may also ask others for help.

Note: You may record without audio.

Failure to provide a valid recording within 48h after the game when requested by staff will cause your resources for that game to be confiscated. Repeat offenses result in more severe penalties. Players who are required to submit their recordings are contacted by the Telegram/Discord bots directly.

Setting Recommended Minimum Maximum
Resolution 1280 x 720 640 x 360
Framerate 30 frames/s 12 frames/s
Speed 1x 1x 2x
Colors RGB RGB
Format mp4* mp4*

*Recording in a compressed format like mp4 uses much less disk space than uncompressed formats like avi. However, you may be at risk of losing your recording if the software crashes while playing.

Other Requirements

Playing in Parties

You are allowed to play in parties. However, when a member of your party breaks the rules, you may receive penalties as well. You are also more likely to have to provide a recording of your session.

A party is a group of at least 3 players that display coordinated behaviour.

Party Leaders

During the game review process, the team may reach out to determine the leader and individual members of your party. The leader will be the contact person for future inquiries by the team for matters regarding your party.

Omitting or trying to conceal members of your party may result in penalties for you and your party members.


Being caught in violation of these rules results in penalties. The level of the consequences depends on the severity of your wrong-doing. During an ongoing investigation, your assets may be locked into the bridge until its conclusion.

Elected members of the Moonsama Justice Court will review your case and pass judgement.

The following lists serve as a reference to determine the severity of an offense.

Minor Offenses

Minor offenses result in your personal share to be confiscated. You will still receive Gganbu if you're eligible.

Moderate Offenses

Moderate offenses may result in your rewards to be confiscated. Additional consequences, like freezing your assets, excluding you from Carnage, or gameplay penalties can be applied for a limited time.

Major Offenses

If you commit a major offense and undeniable evidence against you is brought forward, severe punishments such as confiscation and burning of your assets, including your game pass, can be applied.


Portal Account

To participate in Carnage, your Minecraft account must be linked to a Multiverse Portal account. To link your account, follow these steps:

  1. Join the game
  2. Press T and enter /login into the chat
  3. Follow the instructions

Carnage keeps track of your connected account even if you unlink it. If you attempt to change your portal account, or try to connect it to more than one Minecraft account while playing, you will be ejected from the game and automatically reported.

Telegram / Discord Handle

In order to contact you regarding screen recordings or other important information, we need at least one messenger handle for each Minecraft player. You may register a Telegram or Discord user. Registration happens through social terminals in the Carnage lobby or the 24/7 server at

You agree that this handle is reachable regarding any issues related to you for at least one week after the session ends.

Staff will treat your private information with care and will not share it with any third party.

For the duration of the post game investigations and resource distribution, we will keep a record of which handle was linked to you even if you unlink it in the menu.


If you break the rules, YOU MAY NOT GET YOUR REWARDS, your assets may be FROZEN, TAKEN OR BURNED including your game pass, and other consequences may apply.